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Direct, low cost futon mattressess, futon covers, bath towels, rugs, and leather club chairs.
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Trenton Trading Company features futon mattresses, futon covers, bathrobes, bath towels, and computer desks, media centers, and jewelry armoires at low prices.

We look forward to providing you with high quality products at low prices. All products are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Black 6 Inch Futon
Our futon mattresses are constructed using a patented Airlay system combining natural cotton and polyester called Fiber Foam.  Fiber Foam is an environmently friendly product that will not break down over time.  Our futons meet and exceed all federally rated standards (including all California requirements).  Futon mattress only frame not included.  

Dimensions:  Width: 54 Inches; Length: 75 Inch

  • Our cover is made of 6.5 oz Duck.    The futons have 11 Nylon Braided Tufts.
  • We make our futons upon reciept of an order and ship via UPS Ground.

Futon Price: $169.99

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